The only pet register that works internationally

Losing a family pet is the last thing you want to worry about during an international move. The Global Pet Register is a simple way of ensuring peace of mind during a hectic transition.

Your pets may get separated from you at any stage during your move. Their safety shouldn't depend on a faulty microchip or outdated conventional tag!

So many things can go wrong when your pets need to be identified:

Their microchip details could be out of date and unreadable
Your pet's current ID tag may have incorrect contact details
It might be difficult to get in touch with you

Subsequently, whoever finds your pet has no method available to make contact with you, which could leave your pet alone and lost in a foreign country.

Providing your pets with a GPR tag ensures that they'll find their way home safe no matter what happens.

Register your GPR tag here

without a GPR tag he may never have come home

Mark Dorian - Owner of Buddy the Staffy

Global Pet Register offers owners of pets in transit and pet shippers an incredible layer of security that micro chips simply cannot compete with

Manuel Luenda - Owner Las Lunas Animal Transport & President of IPATA

It took no time at all between Charlie disappearing and him returning, I put that entirely down to the GPR tag

Alan Jones, owner of Charlie the Golden Retriever

Just before our move he was gone, the kids were panic stricken but GPR got in touch to say he had been found and he was back in their arms before we knew it.

Thomas and Jane, owners of Joe the Cat

The stress of our move was compounded when we couldn't find Sparky before his trip abroad, we got him back through GPR with time to spare.

Sasha, owner of Sparky the Labradoodle

Simba took one look at his new house and bolted as the movers were unpacking, GPR got him back before all our boxes had got off the van!

Paul, owner of Simba the Cat

Kai went out to investigate his new surroundings but didn't come back for dinner, our neighbours found us through his GPR tag and Kai is staying in for the foreseeable future!

Sun, owner of Kai the Cat